Video: Save the Children’s Charlie MacCormack on the importance of the International Affairs Budget

October 29, 2010 By Charlie MacCormack

Most Americans don’t realize that our foreign assistance funding is less than two cents of every dollar the federal government spends.  That’s just not enough to meet the serious challenges our nation faces around the world today.  Whether it’s fighting poverty, securing failed states, feeding and educating children, or assisting the youngest citizens of a nation like Haiti following a devastating earthquake, the United States and Save the Children make a difference because of the funding in our International Affairs Budget.

Helping our global neighbors in need demonstrates the generosity of the American people, and when people see our country in a better light, it makes us safer here at home.  And by providing opportunity for children and families in the developing world, we’re also helping to grow the global economy.

Save the Children is a proud member of the USGLC—an organization that educates Americans about the importance of development and diplomacy and advocates for more resources for the International Affairs Budget.  Their work allows us at Save the Children to better carry out our great humanitarian mission around the world.

Charlie MacCormack is President and CEO of Save the Children and a board member of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.