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January 6, 2012 By Mac Stoddard

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After America: The world in an age of U.S. decline (Zbigniew Brzezinski, Foreign Policy)

If America falters, the world is unlikely to be dominated by a single preeminent successor — not even China. International uncertainty, increased tension among global competitors, and even outright chaos would be far more likely outcomes.

For vision and national unity, Huntsman for GOP nominee (Boston Globe)

With the New Hampshire primary just four days away, the Boston Globe — a paper published in the state that Mitt Romney once governed — announced its endorsement of Jon Huntsman for the GOP nomination Friday morning

Smart Power

State Dept. creates super office for “civilian security” (Josh Rogin, The Cable)

The State Department is continuing to roll out big changes to its bureaucracy,  inaugurating today a new “super office” to focus on protecting individuals by working outside of formal state-to-state channels, called the Office of Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights.

The Next Step in Fighting Disease in the Developing World (Eric G. Bing, Hawaii Reporter)

One of the world’s largest foreign aid organizations just announced it will be forced to make substantial program cuts next year. For hundreds of thousands of people, the consequences could be lethal.

Politics/Foreign Policy

Barack Obama still has a chance to leave a U.S. legacy in Africa (Mwangi Kimenyi, The Guardian)

If Obama is re-elected in 2012, he should advocate for more American investments in Africa. To send a signal that investing in Africa is good for the US, early in his second term he should visit a number of African countries accompanied by hundreds of business executives. He must back his words with action and actively support a conducive policy for investing in Africa, such as through tax rebates on repatriated profits. He should be the president who is willing to halt the decline of American influence in Africa. This is one area where Obama can leave a legacy.

Top U.S. Diplomat seeks to ease tension with Egypt over raids (Leida Fadel, Washington Post)

The top U.S. diplomat for the Middle East said Thursday he was “encouraged” about the prospects that three recently raided American organizations would be allowed to reopen, easing a source of tension between Washington and Egypt’s military rulers.

Defence review to enhance US leadership in a changing world (Economic Times)

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the new Defence Strategic Review document that calls for a small and lean American Army and a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region along with better ties with India will enhance country’s leadership in a new world order. … “As the new strategy notes, meeting our challenges can not be the work of our military alone. Diplomacy and development are equal partners with defense in our smart power approach to promoting American interests and values abroad, building up our economic prosperity, and protecting our national security,” Clinton said.