Then and Now: A Graphic Representation of Life Before COVID-19 and Today

March 17, 2022 By Sophia Ramcharitar and Coby Jones

Life before March 2020 can sometimes be remembered with rose colored glasses. It was in ways a simpler time when a deadly virus had yet to claim nearly 1 million American lives and everything from economic stability to conflict to global unemployment was different.

But just because life before the pandemic was “different” doesn’t mean it was good for millions of people. Then, global poverty affected 613.7 million people worldwide, 135 million people lived in acute hunger, and the world wasn’t on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals until 2073. Now, global poverty affects nearly 700 million people, 155 million people are still facing hunger, and the goal post for reaching the SDGs has extended an additional 20 years.

Check out our Then & Now graphic below for a snapshot of what the world looked like then, before COVID-19, and now, two years later. Download a PDF of the graphic here.