Strong Support in Seattle

April 19, 2011 By Melissa Silverman

In yesterday’s Seattle Times, U.S. Reps Adam Smith and Jim McDermott and Global Washington founder Bill Clapp co-authored an op-ed expressing deep concerns about proposals to slash the International Affairs Budget.

The three leaders write, “Foreign aid is far from wasteful spending: Dollars spent abroad help maintain America’s economic and political leadership, as well as support our vital national-security interests. These programs have amplified benefits for global stability through contributions to poverty alleviation, health and disease prevention, and infrastructure-building worldwide.”

Reps. Smith and McDermott and Bill Clapp make clear that a small investment in the International Affairs Budget can actually save taxpayers money in the long run, noting “The long-term cost of the proposed cuts is unreasonably high, and not just for those whose lives will be directly affected. Remember, it cost $100 million to eliminate smallpox on the planet, but now saves the world $1.3 billion annually.”

To read the full op-ed, please click here.