Smart Vote 2010: Will You Help?

September 14, 2010 By Liz Schrayer

Smart Vote 2010With what is expected to be one of the most volatile mid-term elections of modern times, we have our work cut out for us.  In the last three elections, more than 40% of the USGLC champions in the House and Senate are no longer in Congress – and an astonishing 80% of our GOP champions in the Senate have retired or were not re-elected.  Already, several friends have lost in the primaries.

Fortunately, support for the International Affairs Budget remains a bi-partisan issue.  But the state of the economy and growing concerns about the deficit threaten many federal programs with budget cuts, including the tiny 1.4% that makes up the International Affairs Budget. The challenge is whether we can engage candidates in the coming days and weeks leading up to the elections, strengthening congressional support and cultivating new champions on our issue.  For this, I need your help.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, I invite you to join SmartVote 2010, the USGLC’s grassroots effort to educate open seat candidates running for the Congress.  Our efforts will take us across the country, to open Senate and House races.  Our goal is to meet with candidates and their staff and educate them about the importance of the International Affairs Budget to our national and economic security.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a comprehensive toolkit at You can get the names of the candidates in open seats near you and have quick access to talking points and material for the candidates.

Get the Toolkit and Get Started

We have prioritized the open seats – those races where the incumbent is retiring or running for another office.  Regardless of who held the seat prior, we have an opportunity to make a new friend for the USGLC. Some examples of ways you can get involved include asking a question at a townhall forum, sending an email to a candidate, or securing a meeting with your congressional candidates or their staff. With your help, we can make sure the International Affairs Budget is one thing this year’s congressional candidates can agree on.