Smart Power is Fiscally Responsible

January 31, 2011 By Richard Parker

On Sunday morning, Admiral James Loy made the case for smart power on “This Week in Defense News” with Vago Muradian. The former Coast Guard commandant made the argument that amidst international turmoil in Egypt and elsewhere, the last thing the U.S. should do is reduce its engagement with the world.

In addition, Admiral Loy pointed out that the use of smart power has another topical advantage: fiscal responsibility. “The notion of smart power, where you’re blending diplomatic tools and economic tools with the classic military tools, allows you to better use the taxpayer’s dollar in a wider sense,” he told the show’s host.

Loy also talked about the perception gap between what Americans think we spend on foreign aid and the reality. “Do we as citizens want to commit one percent of our well-being, of our capability, to holding on to our reputation in the world and our ability to influence places in the world…we’re all part of this global marketplace.”

Admiral Loy is co-chair of the USGLC National Security Advisory Council.

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