Showing, Not Telling, Who Supports the International Affairs Budget

April 28, 2010 By Andy Amsler

Instead of telling you how broad the support of the International Affairs Budget is, we thought we’d show you. Last week, the Senate Budget Committee decided to cut President Obama’s FY 2011 International Affairs Budget request by $4 billion or 7%. The USGLC expressed its deep disappointment with this move.

This decision is made even more dramatic when considering the bi-partisan support the International Affairs Budget has received in recent days and weeks. Eight former Secretaries of State were the latest to send a letter to Congress urging their support of the President’s $58.8 billion request. Secretaries Gates and Clinton did the same, and nearly 150 of Congress on both sides of the aisle have done the same. You can read all the letters below, but here is a sampling of the government leaders who have called for increasing the International Affairs Budget.

Who Supports the IAB

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