Foreign Assistance At Your Fingertips

December 16, 2010 By Melissa Silverman

Today, the State Department and USAID launched the first-ever Foreign Assistance Dashboard, bringing an unprecedented new level of transparency to International Affairs programs.

This innovative tool delivers on the promise of the just-released Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) to put a strong focus on transparency and accountability in civilian-led smart power programs. The Foreign Assistance Dashboard utilizes new technology to make it easy for anyone to see and compare American investments around the world. The Dashboard provides data to scholars, policymakers, students, journalists and the general public who can quickly study how foreign assistance dollars are really spent.

The Foreign Assistance Dashboard is a first step toward meeting the need for effective, efficient development programs that are results-driven. When taxpayers can see where their money goes at a glance, it provides assurance that they are getting a great return on their investment.

The Dashboard includes user-friendly features including tabs called “Where is the Money Going” and “What You Should Know.” Maps and graphs make the data easier to digest and interpret so users can clearly see how critical development dollars are being spent, and how they protect our national security and grow our economy here at home.

Today’s launch is just the first step, as the Dashboard will continue to grow and improve. In the months ahead, data will be broader, with additions from other federal agencies that provide foreign assistance, and deeper, with more details including include expenditures, projects, and performance data.

Click here to read the White House blog post on the launch, and please visit to try out the new tools for yourself!