Five Hopeful Stories on the Fifth Anniversary of the Haiti Quake

January 9, 2015 By Jayne Miller

Five years ago today, the earthquake and aftershocks that leveled parts of Port-au-Prince and devastated the rest of Haiti took an unimaginable toll. The road to full recovery remains long, but the United States has provided invaluable assistance on that path, working with local partners to make gains that, on that terrible day, were also beyond imagining.

Thanks to partnerships between the American government, NGOs, businesses, and the international community, the reconstruction process continues to improve and the bright spots have become more visible as Haiti continues to build back.

While there is much more work to be done, here are some of our favorite stories of impact from around the web.

Catholic Relief Services aims to reopen the St. Francois De Sales Hospital this month.


Save the Children has made huge strides in building new schools.


Plan International reports that there are more children in primary school than ever before and 1 million people have been rehoused.


USAID partnered to disseminate critical information.


The United States remains committed to supporting our Caribbean neighbor.