Brookings Podcast: The Experts Break Down Issues Facing U.S. Foreign Assistance

October 12, 2017 By Megan Guilfoyle

The latest episode of the Brookings Cafeteria podcast delves into the current challenges facing U.S. foreign assistance— including how Americans perceive foreign aid, the role the United States plays in a complex and turbulent world, and a deep dive into the current consensus around restructuring and reforming the State Department and USAID.

Check out part one of the podcast— which includes interviews with foreign policy experts like Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, Blum Capital Founder & Chairman Richard C. Blum, USIP President Nancy Lindborg, and USGLC’s very own President & CEO Liz Schrayer.

And, be sure to tune in for part two of the conversation!

Top Quotes:

  • “What we have to do is realize that genuine change of societies takes a lot of time and effort and money. But, also in partnerships with others.” Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

  • Within Iraqi and Afghanistan “we found is that even in conflict zones there are people in these communities acting now to try to provide a better life for themselves and their children and their communities…These are all very promising developments and what we need to do is find out how we can be respectful of local culture and support these efforts.” Former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley

  • On the refugee crisis: “One of the really difficult issues is, is that this is not going to be solved either militarily, and it won’t be solved only through diplomatic action, or development action. It really takes all of those capabilities working together to address the security crisis, the humanitarian crisis, and at the heart of it a governance crisis.” – USIP President Nancy Lindborg

  • “I think today the reason we’re seeing this chorus of voices that are out there making it loud and clear that America needs to be engaged in the world is because it’s not just the smart thing to do, it’s the right thing to do. We know that we need to be engaged because we’re a compassionate nation…but also…for national security and economic interests.” – USGLC President and CEO Liz Schrayer

  • “I started the Blum Center just about 10 years ago at the University of California at Berkeley. But, we had been investing in the developing world as private equity investors, mainly in Asia, mainly in Eastern Asia, and we saw the difference of how good philanthropic organizations, and sometimes good investments, can help people lives be better.” Blum Capital Founder & Chairman Richard C. Blum