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November 16, 2010 By Madeleine Pryor

The Case for a Strong and Effective International Affairs Budget

Richard Parker, USGLC Communications Director, writes about the need to educate the incoming Congressional members on the importance of the International Affairs Budget. Here is an Excerpt:

More than one out of five U.S. jobs depends in some way on international trade, and each dollar the U.S. government spends to promote exports through these programs brings $40 back into our economy. Other international affairs programs benefit the U.S. economy by fostering the development of sound economic policies in unstable economies, protecting intellectual property rights, building vibrant trade relationships, and encouraging public-private partnerships.

The International Affairs Budget demonstrates America’s moral values and our compassion for those in need.  When we are saving lives, bolstering sustainable efforts to help people climb out of poverty, and providing real opportunities for people, we are promoting global stability.  Through the International Affairs Budget, the U.S. has helped cut the number of children dying before their fifth birthday in half worldwide, reduced polio cases by 99 percent in just 20 years, supported greater agricultural productivity, increased trade and market building, and achieved higher levels of literacy, democracy, and entrepreneurship around the world.

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