A World Vision for Pur Water

April 27, 2011 By Melissa Silverman

The USGLC is often called the “strange bedfellows” coalition for bringing together diverse businesses and organizations, from Bread for the World to Boeing, from Caterpillar to CARE. But it’s these unexpected partnerships that can make an extraordinary difference in the developing world.

In today’s Global Impact Video Blog, Carolyn Brehm of Procter & Gamble and Bob Zachritz of World Vision discuss how their joint efforts have provided over 3 billion liters of clean drinking water, preventing countless illnesses and deaths. Through this partnership, World Vision uses their global reach and deep community presence to help ensure people in the developing world have access to Procter & Gamble’s innovative PUR water purification packets. In addressing the clean water crisis by coming together, P&G and World Vision have built an ideal model for NGOs and the business community of how we can work together to create a better, safer world.

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