A Call to All Women Entrepreneurs

April 28, 2010 By Jamie Williams

 width=As the Administration has focused on women and girls in the developing world, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concluded the two-day Presidential Entrepreneurship Summit by talking about the role of women in entrepreneurship and the benefits posed by women-run businesses in driving economic growth. Secretary Clinton said:

“We cannot expect countries to increase their economic standing in a sustainable way. We cannot expect there to be greater foundations built for security, democracy, opportunity, unless women are at the table.”

In addition to reiterating her stance on the importance of women in the global political economy, Clinton announced a “first wave” of new programs and partnerships designed to generate income for women and their families, create jobs, expand markets, and fuel progress in their communities. Secretary Clinton also made sure to echo President Obama’s continuing commitment to entrepreneurship as it specifically relates to women by the Administration’s commitment to a new approach to development that does not simply entail aid, but rather investment. Her overall message was not only a call to the private sector for greater engagement but to all international constituencies set on promoting peace and prosperity:

“I hope you’ll remember that the fullest measure of your impact will not only be in dollars or dinars or rupees or rupiahs, but in the lives you change and the progress you inspire and the better futures you help to create. Because you have the power not only to drive economic growth, but to promote shared prosperity, call for open and accountable governance, help expand access to services like healthcare and education.”