7 Numbers to Watch in 2023

January 30, 2023 By Liz Schrayer

As we head into the year, I wanted to share the 7 numbers that I am watching in 2023 on the global front.

I’ve been reading the multitude of global risk reports released at the beginning of this year, and you won’t be surprised that each of the numbers below will dramatically impact global stability – which directly impacts American stability here at home. The big question is how America and our allies respond in addressing the stories behind each of these numbers, as the answer will affect the economic and security interests of every American family.

So, we’ll not only be watching, but actively speaking out, as there is no shortage of challenges ahead.

339 million people

This is the number of people who will need humanitarian assistance globally. It is frightening that the percentage of people in need has doubled in just four years. The concerns are going to continue to grow as experts say there is a $50 billion global gap in funding to meet these needs.

$349 billion

While the war in Ukraine is far from over, this is the estimated cost in billions of dollars for Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery needs jointly issued by the World Bank, European Commission, and the Ukrainian government late last year. Since then, Russia has stepped up its attacks on Ukraine’s energy and civilian infrastructure ahead of the winter, raising growing challenges of building long-term stability in the region.

33% of countries

This is the percentage of countries around the world expected to enter an economic recession in 2023, according to IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. And global economic growth is expected to stall at 2.7 percent as a result of continued shocks from Russia’s war in Ukraine, increased commodity prices, interest rates, and inflation – all certain to impact Americans’ pocketbooks here at home.

1 in every 4 countries

With 49 million people in 49 countries teetering on the brink of famine, this is the number of countries with populations facing severe hunger – an all-time high. Driven by conflict and climate change, this worsening food crisis is not only a humanitarian concern, but an ongoing security and economic threat to the U.S.

143 million people

As climate change continues to escalate, this is the number of people expected to be uprooted from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia. Long called a “threat multiplier” by the Pentagon, the ramifications for global stability only continue to grow as climate change impacts food and water security, global health, and migration around the world.

60 countries

This is the number of countries where the state of democracy declined according to Freedom House’s most recent report, while only 25 countries improved – the smallest number to see an increase since 2005.

1.3 billion people

This is Africa’s projected population, representing a potential $3.4 trillion market that is transforming rapidly – one that the United States is in crucial competition with China to access.