Following the release of the America First Policy Institute’s new book on national security, Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer Chad Wolf joined the USGLC stage to discuss the meaning of “America First”, the global competition with China, and America’s role in the world. While not speaking for the Trump campaign, he shares his thoughts on what one might expect in a second Trump Administration on foreign policy and global development issues.

  • On “America First”: “America First is not America alone, and certainly not isolationism. I hear that often. That’s often a criticism of not only AFPI, but this America First movement, people say, ‘Well, you just you just want to put your head in the sand, and go away.’ And that’s simply not the case.”
  • On global development: “I have seen where development dollars and development resources have been used effectively to advance American interests. I think you’ve got to be clear with the American people about that.”
  • On America’s response to China in the developing world: “When they’re giving out money… what it does to developing nations… The U.S. has to be there. We’ve got to be present for those debates. And it’s difficult. And it can’t be solved… with our military all the time. It’s solved with that soft diplomacy, development dollars, engagement… But you got to be there on the ground doing it day in and day out.”