In a rare – and at times personal – interview with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General C.Q. Brown, Jr. discusses the global security environment and his perspective on America’s role in the world.

  • On America’s role in the world: “The role that we have as United States… our leadership is valued. It’s watched. I’ve spent a lot of time in our embassies around the world… I know we cannot do all we do as a military by ourselves, and the value of our partnerships with the interagency, the value with our allies and partners, is so important.”
  • On Russia’s war in Ukraine: “What happens in one part of the world does not stay in one part of the world… We found that when Ukraine has been resourced, they’ve been effective against a larger, supposedly more capable, military… My hat’s off to Ukrainian people and their will to defend themselves. And we got to stay and stick with them.”
  • On his path to Chairman and his message for young people: “I was gonna do… my four years… I got to ride in a T-37, one of our training aircraft, at an ROTC summer camp, and I said… ‘I want to do that!’ So, I… decided to become a pilot. And… 39 years later… now sitting here, as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff… this service for young people, opens doors and shows you other aspects of the world.”