Technology, including artificial intelligence, is fundamentally reshaping society – and with it, U.S. foreign policy. The past few years have redefined the role of digital technology in U.S. global engagement.

While the rules of the road for tech and AI are still being written, the role of technology and AI in America’s diplomacy and development toolkit is central to the geopolitical forces at play and to the future of our national security, economy, and development outcomes.

At USGLC’s 2024 Global Impact Forum, during our 5×5 sessions, we interviewed 5 experts for 5 minutes each on the outlook for the next 5 years on how AI and technology are shaping diplomacy and development. Watch below to hear from:

  • Bill Eggers, Executive Director, Center for Government Insights, Deloitte
  • Sarah Brenholt, Director, Federal Government Relations, Cargill
  • Shaarik Zafar, Senior Director, Foreign Policy & National Security, Meta
  • Greg Frank, Director, Global Public Policy, Merck
  • Tjada D’Oyen McKenna, CEO, Mercy Corps