Cuts to FY 2011 International Affairs Budget Disproportionate to Other Security Funding

Washington, DC — The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition today released the following statement from Executive Director Liz Schrayer on the House Appropriations Committee’s FY 2011 funding plans:

“We are very concerned about the impact the latest funding proposal in the House will have on our national security – particularly the 13% cut to the International Affairs budget.  This cut is far more severe than as has been reported by House appropriators, and Members of Congress need to know it will negatively affect critically important programs such as U.S. counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency assistance to countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.”

“Military leaders, including Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen and General Petraeus, have called for an increase in our civilian power.  Since 2007 under President Bush, the budget requests have designated the International Affairs budget as part of our security funding.  Now is certainly not the time to cut our civilian forces overseas, especially as we transfer from a military to civilian operation in Iraq.

“We urge Congress to continue the bipartisan legacy of designating the International Affairs budget as part of national security funding along with Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans’ Affairs.  To do otherwise is not in America’s best interests.”

For a Fact Sheet on the House Appropriations Committee’s FY2011 funding plans, please click here.


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