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USGLC members – a vibrant, influential network of 400 organizations and thousands of individuals – are essential to our efforts to engage policymakers, educate the public and build support for America’s international programs. Learn more about the benefits of joining the USGLC below.  If you are interested in joining or learning more about the USGLC, please contact us at (202) 689-8911 for additional information.

General Members

General Members consist of 400 businesses, non-governmental organizations and other organizations that support the USGLC and are dedicated to increasing our investment in the U.S. International Affairs Budget. For a minimal annual membership fee of $500, our General Members receive:

  • Receive regular updates on the budget and appropriations process.
  • Access to Administration officials at USGLC events Invitations to participate in meetings with Members of Congress
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded businesses and organizations
  • Current members of the coalition

Leadership Circle

Reflecting the breadth of the USGLC, the Leadership Circle is a diverse group of business and NGOs working together on behalf of a strong and effective International Affairs Budget. Leadership Circle members play a vital role in meeting with Members of Congress and Administration officials on behalf of the USGLC.

  • Small group meetings with key Members of Congress and Administration officials.
  • Publicity for your business/organization on USGLC website
  • Special insider-updates on the budget

Global Trust

Global Trust members represent key business and NGO leaders who participate in high level meetings with influential Administration officials and policymakers on the important roles development and diplomacy play in our national security, economic prosperity, and standing in the world as a humanitarian leader.

  • Private  meetings with high level Administration officials and leading Members of Congress
  • Publicity for your business/organization at USGLC events and website
  • Detailed budget briefings with USGLC staff and other experts

Chairman’s Caucus

As the USGLC’s most dedicated supporters, Chairman’s Caucus members represent the organization with the most senior Members of Congress and the Administration. The Chairman’s Caucus provides a unique forum for business and the NGO members to discuss smart power approaches to elevating development and diplomacy with key opinion leaders.

Diplomatic Circle

Working with key foreign policy experts is an important role for the USGLC, and our Diplomatic Circle provides businesses and NGOs with the opportunity help shape development and diplomacy in the 21st century through meetings and consultations with thought leaders and power players.

State Steering Committees

State Steering Committees include prominent local business leaders, community organizers, educators, and faith-based leaders who are among the USGLC’s growing network.  Members of State Steering Committees are invited to participate in both local and national USGLC events.

Supporters Around the Country

Supporters around the Country make up our nationwide network of thousands of individuals who are committed to building broad support for the essential programs funded by the U.S. International Affairs Budget.

Our supporters receive regular updates about the U.S. International Affairs Budget and Action Alerts about how to engage Members of Congress at crucial points in the budget and appropriations process. In addition, supporters also participate in local USGLC activities and events. There is no cost to become a USGLC supporter and your information will not be shared with other organizations.

Add your name to the thousands of e-activists and supporters around the country.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the USGLC, please contact us at (202) 689-8911 for additional information.

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