Protect American Global Leadership

Right now, the House of Representatives is preparing to vote on the budget for the State Department and USAID.

With the threat of North Korea, the new Afghanistan strategy, and the looming famine crises across Africa, we all know that this funding for America’s development and diplomacy programs is critical.

Our national security, economic prosperity, and American values depend on strong, effective, and fully funded international programs.

Will you contact your Representative today and tell Congress to protect American global leadership, and oppose any cuts to the International Affairs Budget?

Here’s what to say:

  • My name is [FIRST AND LAST NAME] and I am a veteran from [CITY, STATE].
  • I’m very concerned that any cuts to the State Department and USAID would harm America’s security and economic interests and values around the world.
  • With all the global challenges we face today, we need strong and effective development and diplomacy programs that have a direct return on investment.
  • I urge [LAWMAKER] to oppose any amendment that would cut the total funding level for the State-Foreign Operations appropriations bill.