Tell the Senate: Oppose cuts to the International Affairs Budget

A strong military is vital to national defense, but putting troops in harm’s way should be our last resort. Investments in the International Affairs Budget prevent conflict and are just as critical to keeping America safe.

The House recently voted to cut funding for our civilian programs by nearly 20% and now the Senate will take up this debate.

Use the form on this page to sign on to a petition to stop budget cuts that would put our national security at risk. It takes smart power to solve tough global problems.

As a veteran I know a strong military is vital to keep America safe. But I also know today’s global threats cannot be addressed by the military alone – especially in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s why I’m urging you to oppose cuts to the International Affairs Budget.

Our threats today come from non-traditional enemies. We must utilize military and civilian tools such as diplomacy, food aid, health, education and economic development. Pulling back from our global commitments risks our national security.

While we are in financially difficult times, I stand behind U.S. military leaders, veterans and supporters across the country in continuing to call for a strong and effective International Affairs Budget to keep America safe.

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