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Deputy National Security Advisor
Deputy National Security Advisor

Charles Kupperman

Implements America’s long-term national security strategy and helps lead the interagency process, working closely with federal agencies related to national security and intelligence.

Kupperman has over four decades of national security policy and program experience. During the Reagan administration, he served in the Executive Office of the President, NASA, and the President’s General Advisory Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament. Kupperman’s previous positions outside of government include Vice President for Business Development, Missile Defense Systems at Boeing and Vice President of Washington Space Operations at Lockheed Martin. Kupperman has also been an advisor to Ambassador John Bolton, the current U.S. National Security Advisor, for over thirty years.

In his new role, Kupperman is expected to support Bolton’s decisions on most issues, including those related to Iran, Syria, and immigration. While he was initially brought on as a temporary advisor, Kupperman assumed his formal role in January 2019. He will be the fourth person to hold the position of Deputy National Security Advisor in the last two years.

While Kupperman has made few public statements on issues related to development or foreign assistance, he is a longtime ally of Bolton who also subscribes to a “Peace Through Strength” approach to U.S. foreign policy. On Kupperman’s appointment Bolton said, “Charlie’s extensive expertise in defense, arms control and aerospace will help further President Trump’s national security agenda.”

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