The Administration’s FY16 Budget Request for International Affairs

February 2, 2015: The Administration’s $54.8 billion budget request for Fiscal Year 2016 is an important step in the right direction in reversing past cuts to International Affairs. However, the total request level for International Affairs is a modest increase at a time of significant demands on many programs overseas.

5-Year Snapshot


Budget Highlights

1. Important Reversal of Base Cuts, But Total Funding May Fall Short
2. Concerning Reductions to Humanitarian, Global Health, and Democracy Programs
3. A Robust Investment in Exports and Economic Development

Notable Increases in the Budget

1. Economic Support Fund: Up Arrow 29.2%
ESF provides strategic economic assistance to address global crises and countries in conflict countries, including Ukraine and its neighbors, combating ISIL in Iraq and Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2. Millennium Challenge Corporation: Up Arrow 38.9%
MCC’s innovative approach to providing assistance receives a plus up to support a growing number of countries in the coming years and to undertake regional compacts in addition to the traditional country-focused compacts.

3. International Peacekeeping: Up Arrow 32.1%
Crises in Central African Republic to Sudan to Somalia require additional resources, and a new forward-thinking fund for unanticipated needs that will help us respond more quickly in the future.

4. State Department/USAID Operations: Up Arrow 10.1%/17.2%
After being decimated in the mid-1990s, State Department and USAID staff are slowly rebuilding our critical civilian capacity.

Notable Decreases in the Budget

1. Global Health: Down Arrow 2 3.2%
While still representing one of the largest components of the FY16 budget, the Administration’s $8.18 billion request reduces Global Health spending with cuts to about half of the elements that fall within health accounts.

2. Humanitarian Assistance: Down Arrow 2 13%
Disaster aid, refugee assistance, and food aid (PL480) are down at a time when natural disasters and conflicts are on the rise. This reduction, however, comes after significant increases to the account over the past three years.

Find the full list of increases and decreases in the detailed analysis below.

Analysis of the Administration’s Budget Request

The Administration’s budget this year totals $1.091 trillion. One percent, or $54 billion, is dedicated to international affairs programs. Learn how the Administration’s budget will affect America’s role in the world.

Download the Free Detailed Analysis (PDF)

Download supplemental breakdown of accounts (xls)

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