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Congress will soon determine the levels of U.S. assistance available to Mosul and other global humanitarian crises. Rebuilding Mosul will be a critical test and an enormous challenge, yet the future of Iraq— and the future of America’s presence abroad— may well depend on what emerges from the city’s rubble.

After sailing through his nomination hearing with strong bipartisan support, senators on the Foreign Relations Committee and other development leaders have called for a speedy confirmation for Ambassador Mark Green as the 18th Administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development. While he will face a host of other challenges— including the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, and a budget proposal that seeks drastic cuts to USAID— he remains hopeful about the opportunities and improvements that have been made at the agency.

Last week, the Pentagon issued a security warning to commercial shipping companies regarding international piracy—following a recent spike in attacks off the coast of Somalia. While this should cause American shipping companies to be on high alert with nearly one-third of the world’s commercial ships passing through this region, it is perhaps more indicative of […]

Today, the Administration today released its FY18 “skinny” budget, which would slash the State Department and USAID by 31% from current levels, cut the Treasury Department’s International Programs by 35%, and eliminate five agencies associated with the International Affairs Budget. The draconian and disproportionate cuts to these programs—which have long been key pillars of U.S. […]

2016 is finally behind us— and with it, much of the speculation regarding who will lead in Trump’s national security team. While some key picks remain unnamed (hint: USAID Administrator), many are watching to see how the Trump Administration will engage Africa, a continent with some of the world’s fastest growing economies and most intractable […]

The people of Colombia surprised the world this weekend by narrowly rejecting— by .04%— a peace deal to end the conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. The reasons for the rejection largely revolved around the issue of transitional justice, as the agreement would have granted many rebel fighters amnesty if they […]

While the Republican and Democratic National Conventions painted different challenges for the next administration, speakers at both recognized the threats posed by weak and fragile states to America’s safety and prosperity. President Obama and others recently made a strong case for why the next administration must continue to invest in global development at this year’s […]

It’s no wonder that foreign policy has taken center stage in the 2016 presidential race. The crisis in Syria rages on, with over 13.5 million people currently in need of humanitarian assistance. ISIS and other violent extremist groups have carried out devastating terror attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, and more recently in Indonesia, Pakistan, and […]

In the midst of impassioned presidential debates on national security following the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, a recent report by the American Enterprise Institute makes a powerful case for why America should not scale back its global leadership, but instead must leverage its influence to support the liberal world order it has […]

As all eyes turn to Afghanistan and Pakistan following the recent devastating earthquake, the case of Nepal—also struck by powerful earthquakes this year—serves as a reminder for our potential to help nations become more resilient and prepare for likely disasters before they strike. Nestled high in the Himalayas, strategically located between China and India, sits […]

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