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CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW USGLC MEMBERS ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PAKISTAN Secretary Clinton last week announced the creation of the Pakistan Relief Fund, a fund through which the public can offer donations to the ongoing relief efforts in response to the devastating floods there. Funds donated by individuals will supplement the US government’s […]

The USGLC has launched its Veterans for Smart Power movement, an effort to enlist America’s greatest heroes for the greatest mission yet: supporting a foreign policy that elevates diplomacy and development alongside defense as the three pillars of American foreign policy. We’re proud to announce thousands of veterans and their supporters have signed-on to this […]

Secretary Clinton yesterday announced the creation of the Pakistan Relief Fund , a fund through which the public can offer donations to the ongoing relief efforts in response to the devastating floods there, a method that proved successful in raising money in Haiti earlier this year. Speaking at the UN Headquarters, Secretary Clinton announced a […]

“Transition to Civilian-Led Operations in Iraq: This Time It’s for Real” By Laura Hall Budget Insight August 12, 2010 The continuing reports on the difficulties of the transition from military to civilian responsibilities in Iraq expose several key issues that remain unaddressed.  Others will write on the political situation, regional power struggles, the overall strategy, […]

The Obama administration is planning on dramatically increasing the civilian presence in Iraq in 2011, once again underscoring the need for consistently robust funding of our civilian foreign policy tools. By October of next year, the State Department will assume responsibility for the crucial tasks of training the Iraqi police; about 2,400 civilians at the […]

Former-USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios made waves with his recent essay arguing that existing regulations and efficiency measurements have created enormous hurdles for USAID’s ability to be effective.  Misguided attempts at oversight are “now so intrusive that they have distorted, misdirected, and disfigured USAID’s development practice to such a degree that it is compromising U.S. national […]

Secretary Clinton discussed the Administration’s Global Health Initiative (GHI) yesterday at the School for Advanced International Studies, calling it a “new approach” and promising greater efficiency and results. Calling attention to the successes and shortcomings of U.S. global health investments in previous years, Secretary Clinton promised a new approach in the $63 billion GHI that […]

“Woefully underfunded” was how Secretary of Defense Robert S. Gates described our U.S. civilian agencies at a speech at the Marines’ Memorial Association on Friday. The total number of foreign service officers at the State Department — approximately 6,000 — is not enough to provide the necessary manpower to crew a single aircraft carrier, he […]

The U.S. continues to put its best foot forward assisting the Pakistani people in the wake of devastating floods, using its unparalleled international-development infrastructure to provide relief. The U.S. has increased its assistance to $76 million to the flood-affected populations. These funds are being provided to UN agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross […]

USAID in Pakistan

USAID announced renewed humanitarian commitments to respond to the devastating floods in Pakistan yesterday. Mark Ward, the Acting Director of the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, detailed an additional $20 million in assistance, bringing the US contribution to date to $55 million. “It’s important to note that because this disaster is so vast and we’re […]

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