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Click here to view the original post on Medium. Infectious diseases don’t need passports. And pandemics don’t respect borders, nationalities, or rule of law. Take Ebola, for example, which spread rapidly — and fatally — across West Africa, starting in 2014. The disease traveled by land from Guinea, crossing borders to infect urban and rural communities alike across Sierra […]

Today, TB is still one of the world’s deadliest diseases. 10.4 million people (that’s more than the combined populations of Mississippi, Colorado, and New Mexico) became sick with it in 2015, resulting in nearly 2 million TB-related deaths around the world. But here’s the good news: TB is both curable and preventable. Even better: the U.S., along with many partner organizations, is making progress towards ending TB once and for all.

Women account for half the world’s population, but are disproportionally affected by extreme poverty. However, nearly one billion women are poised to enter the global economy over the next decade. March 8, International Women’s Day, is an opportunity for us to consider how reaching women with vital programs to support everything from girls’ education to workforce participation affects lives, communities, and nations, including the U.S.

Food consumers across the world—from North Carolina to Nairobi, from Kiev to Kathmandu—are expected to number 9 billion in 2050. And right now, around 795 million don’t have enough food to lead healthy, active lives. To feed this future, there’s an urgent need to find new, long-term solutions. Fortunately, a good idea can come from […]

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin spoke those words over 258 years ago, and they still ring true today. Education is one of America’s most important global investments, not just because it’s the right thing to do— it’s also the smart thing. In India, for example, every $1 invested in […]

This week, a bipartisan group of former U.S. senators came together in support of America’s international affairs funding, urging the leaders of the Senate Appropriations Committee and the State-Foreign Operations Subcommittee to maintain America’s role in the world. As former colleagues, we write to relay our support for the International Affairs Budget and the important […]

What happens when the water in your home isn’t safe to drink? Across the world, about 663 million people — 1 in 10 — don’t have access to clean water. But in the amount of time it takes for us to go the kitchen, turn on the faucet, and fill up a glass, World Vision will have reached one […]

Congress is often accused of becoming more and more divided, and that partisanship is worse than ever (check out Brookings’ interactive graphic of Members’ historical voting patterns). However, the International Affairs Budget — and U.S. global development programs — continue to enjoy broad support from both sides of the aisle. A couple recent examples: the recently-signed Electrify Africa Act, […]

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